PROLOG Wood Glass
not overdone, calmly
PROLOG Wood Glass transforms ordinary everyday glass into a more beautiful and precious one.
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take life lightly
If you enjoy a minimalist life, the 250ml capacity is perfect for you.
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No more coasters

Solid wood holders create a coaster-free environment while suppressing condensation and absorbing or discharging moisture properly.

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Detachable wooden holder
The wood holder can be removed for light washing, and the unique beauty of wood can be maintained for a long time through separate management.
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Due to the nature of the glass cup, it has a fine oval shape, and the wooden holder also repeats contraction and expansion due to environmental influences. To correct that number, there are teardrop-shaped epoxy marks on the inside of the wooden holder.
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Due to the nature of the wood, the colors and patterns of the holder all have different personalities and beauty.
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It can be lightly washed with water, but it is not recommended unless continuous log maintenance is followed. After use, separate it from the cup and wipe it lightly with a dry towel or kitchen towel when water gets on it. In the case of beverages or other foreign substances, gently wipe it with a wet tissue and dry it in the shade.

product specification
Product configuration: Glass cup 1pcs + Wood holder 1pcs
Material: Japan Toyosasaki Tempered Glass (Hard Strong) / Top Grade American Black Walnut
Solid wood finish: Belgian Rubio monocoat natural oil (the world's only VOC 0% Eurofins Gold certification by the Ministry of Environment, Fit for Food certification)
Size: About W67 x H100mm
Weight: about 175g

custom order
Since all processes are handmade, it takes more than 5 business days from order to shipment.

natural oil fragrance
Because it is finished with natural oil for water resistance and to protect the wood, the product has a unique natural oil scent, and the scent disappears naturally after a week or so.

custom laser
Wood glass is a product that can be laser engraved on a curved surface unlike other products, and can be engraved when purchasing at least 20 pieces. If you need custom laser engraving, please contact the customer center (070-8844-1275) separately.
natural wood
This product is made of natural wood, so the color and wood grain of the product image and the actual purchased product are different, and there may be natural knots that do not significantly impair the aesthetics of the product. ) may come.

tempered glass
This is a tempered glass cup made in Toyosasaki, Japan, and is not heat-resistant glass. Be careful not to put hot water or beverages in it, or if it is exposed to sudden temperature changes, it may break.

When storing, it is recommended to avoid moisture and direct sunlight as much as possible and manage it with wood furniture wax or oil once a month.

inner wrapping paper
When the paper (moisture paper) covering the wood glass meets water, color transfer occurs. Please dispose of the wrapping paper for recycling immediately after unpacking.