PROLOG Wooden Pan Handle for Griddle

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PROLOG Wooden Pan Handle for Griddle
This product is a wooden handle for the griddle, and the griddle is not included.

Free from heat and discomfort
Although the population using the griddle to experience a better cooking experience is increasing, the handle that gets hot and heavy when heated was the biggest problem users felt, and the wood pan handle was born to solve that problem.

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Beautiful design and sturdy
A beautiful banana-inspired design, solidly crafted from American Black Walnut, the highest quality hardwood that is durable and durable.

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Finger grip design for optimal grip
A finger grip design is applied to stably grip the heavy grid.

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product specification

Product configuration: Wood pan handle - 4pcs for griddle + 8ea stainless bolt for assembly
Material: American Black Walnut + Brass + Stainless
Finish: natural oil
Size: Approx. W127 x D40 x H11mm
Weight: about 120g

Guidance on making to order
Since all processes are handmade, it takes more than 5 business days from order to shipment.

A guide to natural wood
This product is made of natural wood, so the color and wood grain of the product image and the actual purchased product are different, and there may be natural knots that do not significantly impair the aesthetics of the product. ) may come.

Guidance on assembly steps
In the manufacturing stage, the upper and lower parts are assembled and post-processing is carried out without step, however, minute assembly steps may occur due to shrinkage or expansion of wood due to environmental factors after the final oil finish or production.

Guidance on maintenance
It is recommended to avoid moisture and direct sunlight as much as possible, and manage it with wax or oil for wooden furniture once a month, and avoid soaking it in water for a long time.

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Product Name PROLOG Wooden Pan Handle for Griddle
Price USD 31.12


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